SourceIRC is a plugin for SourceMod enabled game servers, it provides features for server administrators, such as kicking and banning players from IRC, in-game chat being relayed to an IRC channel, and more. For developers, it exposes an API which can be used to make plugins that interact with IRC.

Azelphur Gaming

My gaming community. We currently run 5 TF2 servers on a dedicated server hosted in NYC. I started playing with game servers over 10 years ago and ever since then the community has been growing strong. Now days it's highly focused on bringing in new people to our community and having them help run the game servers, as an education effort. What better way to learn than to learn by doing? It has inspired an amazing team of brilliant minds and programmers that I'm happy to call my friends. If you're interested in learning, or helping out join the IRC channel at #azelphur.


django_game_info is a Django app to collect data from game servers that respond to the A2S protocol, it enables websites to display information such as player count, current map, etc.


A Python API to PushBullet, originally an interface to PushBullet using ugly HTML scraping, the developers communicated with me via reddit and we made a really nice API. Now a proper supported API it allows programmers to easily send notifications to smartphones.


After writing owncloud-share-tools The ownCloud team invited me to their developer conference in Berlin, to implement similar functionality into the official ownCloud release. This is now done, and the file sharing integration that I helped work on is now part of ownCloud 8.0 and above.