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  1. Pokemon go, cheating and morality.

    Wed 23 May 2018 | tags: gaming

    Those that know me know that recently, I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Go. I'm part of a Discord community for my locale, called PoGo! Thanet. I have nothing but nice things to say about the game and the people. It helps keep me fit by dragging me out …

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  2. The new game.azelphur.com

    I've been told I should blog more, I think this is probably a good thing. So I'm going to write about what I've been working on recently: the new game.azelphur.com.

    The current game.azelphur.com has been unmaintained for a while, and was one of the first Django …

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  3. OkStupid (OkCupid Shenanigans)

    For anyone who knows me, recently I've been messing with OKCupid. I've read practically all of the OKTrends blog and found lots of hilarious information on dating. For anyone who hasn't used okcupid, the way it finds a match is fairly simple. It asks you a question, for example "Do …

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  4. Mt. Gox tales of woe.

    Edit 13/10/13: Mt. Gox have informed me that the site saying that I am able to withdraw when I in fact cannot is a bug, which will be fixed soon. Edit 13/10/13: Mt. Gox have stated they will inform their staff that UK users often don't …

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  5. A quick overview of Linux permissions

    I often see people struggling with Linux permissions (Aka "permissions hell"). But the fact is with a little explanation, Linux permissions are actually rather simple. So I'm going to write a little article to explain how they work.

    To demonstrate, I've created a file called "file". We can check it's …

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